Emptiness to Abundance.

Emptiness to Abundance.

Life is a pretty cascade.

It is brim and profound.

Sometimes it dwells as frivolous.

But it never leave it’s worth.

It is a viva in our monotonous heart.

A heart of same rhythm.

A heart of less passion.

A heart of finding self.

A heart of miscellaneous love.

But once there will be a cadence of rhythm.

But for once the water will flood.

But for once it will be felicitous.

And then my soul will rejoice.

My soul will be enslaved from my body.

My soul will blend into vivacious universe.


Just do it

If you love anyone, say it

If you hate anyone, avoid it

Love is meant to be shared,

Hate is to be condemned.

If you care, just show it 

If you dare, just do it

Not everyone dare neither do anyone care.

Be out of the commons

Be out of the blues.

Be that you ought to be.

Faith in reality is metaphysics

Mentally acceptance of impossibilities is obsession.

Fear no evil

Cause right is always righteous.

Let’s make this world a better place.

Let’s reunite for earth’s Cordelia

Let’s wait for that blue moon .


Inequality rules the world,causes it divides,

Black is ostracised ,it prefers white,. Age is only a number,its in the mind

Gender is a cycle,that grinds fine

Inequality is its name,it widens the gulf between rich and poor,Rich are getting richer and poor are getting poorer .

Caste ,creed and gender,colour ,race and region

They divide,but let’s unite.

Caste inequality is no gain,

Article 17 ,to suppress its fame,it looks powerful but it’s so weak,lets stop it and be no more Mute and Meek.


​Tomorrow I will be with you,

Tomorrow I have moment all new.

Tomorrow my happiness will count,

Tomorrow I will be at the top of the mount.

For tomorrow I wait in this dark long night,

As my tomorrow will be right and bright.

Tomorrow when I will meet you,

I know my heart will accelerate, you don’t have any clue.

I wait for tomorrow looking at the clock,

And waiting to see my house unlock.

Waiting for the open lock,

To meet you when the time clocks .

Tomorrow I will be in your arms,

And a strong feeling of no harm.

My heart pounds,

For tomorrow to hear the chirping birds sounds.

Tomorrow are endless, 

Tomorrow are always bless.

Jesus shows us tomorrow, 

Clearing all our yesterday’s sorrow.

Tomorrow are planned,

For tomorrow I plan “holding you hand.”

Tomorrow will never die,

Till i have an open eye.

Tomorrow you will ne around me,

In my life tomorrow will always be.

Tomorrow I will be with you,

Tomorrow I have moments all new.

You make me sonorous

​Your complement makes me a diva,

Your happiness to me is like a blessed viva.

In my heart I continue a humble lay,

Singing it long all day.

I am life a Vale profound,

Without vim and sound.

Nobody heard ever my saws,

Before you, alone I was.

Never it was good ever it was worst,

And my feeling got brush. 

Best thing in my life is to meet you,

More over its more good being with you.

My heart is not mine,

As wine yards don’t belongs to wine.

You are my cloud in my life,

You are my shelter when in sunshine and don’t want to be alive.

You fulfils my world,

Without you in my life there is no word.

You are the one in my dreams,

Where no body eyes probably can be seen.

You are the medicine for my illness, 

You are the reason of my goodness. 

I am a lover of your’s,

We are join in a word “ours”.

You are a lipstick of my lips,

And because of you my life is glib.

Never breakes 

​Love is the promise that should never break,

Those who had never loved think it as headache, 

Truly if I speak!

To express your feeling in love you don’t need to Speak.

We should never break trust of anyone,

Otherwise you will be standing in the middle with no one.

Never break the heart of lovely person,

Because your heart will also be broken by someone. 

Promises should never break in life,

As broken things are never alive.

Do not break these never broken feel,

As there is no way that it can heal.

Long voyage with you

​Journey to the end of the world,

Sometimes either in dry sand or in wet mud.

The word voyage keeps my heart in peace,

Take my spirit and cease.

To journey alone, 

Is like a heart in burden of loan.

But with you it seems easy,

Inspite of hot or freeze.

Can go far beyond places,

In just a few lines that can pleases.

To be not with you,

Is to be not new.

Old is my life, 

Trapped in death and never alive.